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Some of our favourite travel experiences

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Some of our favourite travel experiences

Our tour hosts are a lucky bunch of people, they get to travel the world seeing some of the most amazing sites all while hanging out with you guys - our awesome Two’s A Crowd guests!

From traversing the canals of France, to safaris in Africa, cruises through Alaska and scooter trips through Tuscany, last year we got to see it all, so we thought we’d ask our tour hosts what were their favourite moments on tour in 2016.

It was tough to drag just one moment out of them – afterall they get to meet such interesting people, those travelling on tour and those they meet along the way, and see such awe-inspiring sites everywhere they go – but one moment stood out above all…


China was definitely my favourite of 2016.  Such a land of contrasts, ranging from the serenity of beautiful and ancient temples in Beijing through to the hustle and bustle of Shanghai. Some of the cities we visited had populations that were bigger than the entire population of Australia. Walking the Great Wall, seeing the Pandas, and the Terracotta Warriors were highlights. Not to mention the food! Personal favourite was the spicy hot pot in Szechuan Province…..so tasty but so hot.

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Morocco – Even saying the word aloud conjures a feverish imagination. Our local guide throughout was a story teller; he had a way of weaving us through labyrinth alleyways only to stop mid-sentence and in the middle of no-where walk us across barren land to have tea with nomadic Berber people. They are just as hospitable and humble to fellow travellers as they have been for centuries. It’s an enchanting place where time has been suspended.   

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I would have to say South America was my most amazing trip for 2016. The culture, the people, the sites – it’s the most diverse continent I’ve ever visited, and I’ve seen a few!

One moment in particular stood out, we were riding bikes to see the Blue Footed Boobies on Isabella Island in the Galapagos when we were stopped by two tortoises ambling across the road. We stopped to take photos and waited for them to pass all the while thinking, how lucky we were!

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I’ve been to Africa a couple of times before and have managed to see the Big 5 on more than one occasion, and while I’ve seen a leopard in the wild, they’ve always been pretty elusive, but not this time!

We were in the Masai Mara in Kenya when we saw what could only be a leopard kill up a tree and suspected the leopard might return. We watched and waited and soon enough a leopard made its way back to the tree. We all watched in wonder and clicked away madly, and just when we thought our viewing couldn’t get any better, a second leopard – the mother – came up alongside the first leopard, nuzzling up to its adolescent cub and putting on a show for us.

It was one of those amazing wildlife encounters you hope to have, but never really expect to!

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Can I have two best experiences?

I’ll never forget that moment after checking into our accommodation at Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise, our porter took us past the ground floor restaurants on the way to our rooms but we stopped dead in our tracks; the view out the windows over Lake Louise to the mountains behind was just spectacular. The lake was partially frozen – apparently it’s only that way for about three weeks a year – and the sky was perfect blue. It was a real ‘Wow’ moment. We got to see the reflections of the mountains in part of the lake but also the interesting texture of the ice covering the rest of the lake.

My second was exploring Tuscany on scooter. It was exhilarating, it was fun, and really, I don’t think there could be a better way to see the Italian countryside! Our drivers were friendly and courteous, and made us laugh along the way. We had a few stops for photographs, a few will we or won’t me make it up this hill concerns, and a whole lot of fun!

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