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Things to know before you go

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Things to know before you go

You’ve planned, researched and booked your trip. Paid for your flights, and have the itinerary sitting on your fridge. Now what?

It’s a long wait between booking the trip and actually stepping foot on that plane, but there are a few things you can do before you go that will help to pass the time and will help keep that holiday excitement ticking along until you actually arrive in your dream destination.

Whether you’re travelling with Two’s a Crowd or on your own, these tips will get you sorted and help make your trip even better:

  • Heading to a non-English speaking country? Learn some basic words to help you out. We always like to learn the basics – hello, how are you? Goodbye, please and thank you. You might also want to learn the words for cheers and toilet, just a suggestion… There is a plethora of apps out there for your smartphone that will help you learn basic words and pronunciations –  use this time before you leave to trial a few and pick the one you prefer. If you don’t have a smart phone you might want to write the words down somewhere and keep them handy during your travels.
  • While you’re looking at apps, add your destination to your preferred weather app so you can keep an eye on what the weather forecast is. In the days just before you leave, this will help you decide what clothes you really need to take and what you can leave behind!


  • Also download a currency converter app. I use XE currency converter. You can use it offline to check how much your purchases are actually costing you and to check up on those exchange rates before changing money over.
  • Contact your banks and let them know you’ll be overseas. Make sure you get in touch with your savings and credit card companies – any cards you’re likely to use overseas. If you think you might use a card at an airport stopover along the way – let them know those details as well. The last thing you want on your trip away is to have your cards cancelled.


  • Print out a copy of your itinerary for family so they can follow along with your trip and will know where you are in case they need to contact you.
  • Register with the Australian Government TravelSmart site. We’re sure nothing will go wrong, but just in case, you want the extra peace of mind that the government will know how to find you and keep you safe. You’ll also receive government updates on any status changes in the country.


  • Download a city maps app for your destination. There are a ton out there, so again, check out a few different apps and see which one you like. I like CityMaps2Go and GPSmycity.
  • Make sure you know how to use your preferred messaging app – whether it’s messenger, skype, facetime, Viber or some other program practice with family and friends before you go so you know how to use it and know all your contacts are connected!


What tips would you add?

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