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Tour hosting for Two’s a Crowd is a gift.

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Tour hosting for Two’s a Crowd is a gift.

Travelling the world is a gift that keeps giving to both you and the clients who come on tour.  It creates memories, it can place you out of your comfort zone and it provides a sense of structured adventure. 

The essence of travel is moments both heart-pumping and serene; riding a gondola through the mystical canals of Venice; setting a nervous foot on icy, iridescent blue glaciers in Canada. On a quiet evening, cruising in Alaska, a pod of whales silently pass, exuding the calmness of the Sistine Chapel. 


I travelled across the sea to Morocco and went sand surfing in the Sahara. I drank tea with the local Berber people, and felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude and compassion for their warm hospitality. 

Kenya provided a pinch-me moment when, snug in my tent, I heard branches breaking and looked out to witness a family of elephants majestically pass our camp site only stopping briefly as the matriarch looked my way. 


My dream job commenced three years ago, and I have now completed 13 group tours and met inspiring people from all walks of life. One of the most fulfilling aspects of being a tour host is watching clients gain confidence, seeing them achieve lifelong goals and replace fear with courage. One thing they have in common is the ability to rise to the challenge that travel offers, from salsa dancing in Cuba with moustached men smoking cigars, to weaving in and out of traffic on the back of a vintage red Vespa in Florence, and yes, red definitely goes faster.  


My role is not all glamourous globe trekking. I’m responsible for the logistics, confirmations, planning, damage control and group dynamics. That can mean dinner reservations at the Eiffel Tower, silent disco-dancing to the beat till all hours in Alaska, coordinating synchronised tyre-swimming in the crystal waters of Croatia, or riding a bike along the Seine canal as the top button of my jeans pops from over-indulgence. It can be offering a silent time for reflection to take in beauty from places like the Canadian Rockies to Monet’s garden. 


And then there are the moments, such as when someone turns to me, elation on their face after they have climbed, huffing and puffing, to the top of the Sun Pyramid in Mexico, that I enjoy most. It is the people I connect with and share these incredible experiences with that I find most rewarding.  

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